ExtraHop Reveal(X)

Threat Detection & Automated Investigation Powered by AI
“ExtraHop Reveal(x) takes advantage of proven streaming analytics technology and
advanced machine learning to provide unprecedented visibility, immediate insights,
and definitive answers. This white paper details the technical underpinnings of the
Reveal(x) architecture and explains how these design concepts enable radically more
efficient Security Operations.” more…


Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Security
Stop depending on signatures – Silence the evil doers with Cylance Artificial Intelligence “Ransomware, advanced threats, fileless malware and malicious documents are no match for the power of artificial intelligence. Replace your antivirus with the smartest endpoint security on the planet.” more…


The Definitive Guide to Cloud Access Security Brokers
The cloud access security broker market is booming, and so are the number of CASB solutions. Fortunately, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant provides predictions and recommendations to help you create a CASB strategy and shortlist vendors. more…

BYOD and Beyond

How To Turn BYOD into Productivity
The mobility phenomenon is truly one of the drivers of technology today. A few short years ago, wireless was simply a convenience feature to provide connectivity in conference rooms and on campuses for students who wanted to sit outside while writing a term paper. Now with the advent of all these wireless devices, the requirement for mobility and wireless in motion, and the lack of physical Ethernet ports on these devices, wireless has moved from being just a convenienceinto being the true primary access layer for network connectivity. more…

Cloud Video Conferencing

A comprehensive guide
Reference Paper | June 2014
Now more than ever, remote workers want (and expect) face-to-face interaction—and they want a seat at the meeting.

How we communicate in the business world is changing. Businesses increasingly have more remote workers. Whether working remote fulltime, part-time or just traveling for business, these workers rely heavily on their own mobile devices to stay connected to their teams, as well as to participate in meetings. more…

Introduction: Infrastructure Complexity and Cyber Threat Velocity Impacting Security Management Capabilities

This IDG Connect survey, sponsored by ForeScout, illustrates the nature and extent of the security threats and defense maturity arrayed against organizations in the finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and education sectors in Austria, Germany, Switzerland (DACH region), the UK and the USA. more…

Take the Frustration Out of VoIP

Talari’s SD-WAN Solution Ensures a Superior VoIP Experience
If first impressions really do last a lifetime, your business communications, especially phone communications, must be consistently exceptional and reliable. Callers need to think “knowledgeable,” “responsive” and “friendly” when they interact with your business, but they won’t remember the good if they experience dropped or choppy calls and distorted conversations. more…

Top 5 Must-Haves for Malware Sandboxing

Malware is Evolving. So Should Your Defenses.
Malware authors are clever and persistent. More than 200,000 new malware samples are uncovered every day. And new malware attacks are often successful: 90% of companies reported a security breach in the last 24 months, according to the 2013 Ponemon Report. more…

Turbo Charging WAN Optimization with WAN Virtualization

A Talari White Paper
WAN Virtualization is revolutionizing Enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN) economics, simultaneously enabling significant reductions in monthly operating WAN spending, much higher bandwidth and greater reliability and application performance predictability than what’s available from a single MPLS WAN provider. more…

WiFi and the Experience Economy

Requirements and Opportunities for 802.11ac by Fairpoint Group
We have for some time emphasized that the value of quality of experience (QoE) has frequently been underrepresented in many wireless products and services, which have often seemed to revel in the underlying complexity that has historically pervaded the networking realm in its entirety. Along with security, privacy, and improving the software-development process, however, we view QoE as one of the defining challenges – and greatest opportunities – in wireless today. more…