Kayla Holdren

Kayla joined PhillyCom, Inc. as a Business Development Manager in April 2018.  Kayla’s role is to work with our current and prospective customers to ensure that they continue to receive the best products and services that we have to offer. 

“I am happy to have Kayla on our team,” said Tom Desilets, President of PhillyCom, Inc. “She has already done a fantastic job bringing new clients to the firm.”

Kayla is a Philadelphia transplant, originally from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and a recent college graduate from the Community College of Philadelphia.  Kayla spent her academic career gaining work experience at the Law Offices of Everett Cook as a legal secretary.  Kayla is passionate about her work and is always eager to reach to new customers and continue to drive our business forward.  We are thrilled to have Kayla as the newest addition to our team!