One of the key measurements we use to establish whether the network design is effective, is by looking at productivity and availability.

To ensure productivity remains efficient, there must be high “up-times” for services and resources. As a result, high quality hardware and software must be used and therefore we tend to recommend best of breed equipment and operating systems.Your infrastructure configuration, protocols and operating system is carefully managed to ensure there is no interruption to your business.

In addition, the network resources to be utilized will be documented and mapped to your working environment. Finally, a plan for IT network design, network security, system administration, backups, as well as support, will be developed based on your company’s needs. PhillyCom, Inc. design service will provide a working diagram of the proposed network configuration in conjunction with the project proposal.

Depending on your business needs, we can take responsibility for part of an infrastructure design, network design, or deliver an end-to-end solution. For example, previous customers have asked us to build Disaster Recovery (DR) sites or increase the size of existing environments without disrupting permanent members of staff.


The physical deployment of an IT infrastructure can be a task that affects your day-to-day operational objectives.

PhillyCom, Inc. offers expert IT network and data center installation tailored to the needs of your business.The importance of the physical infrastructure to successful operations often goes unrecognized.

IT managers install and optimize data center environments and pay attention to physical aspects as they run wiring, install network interface cards, and connect servers via switches and routers. PhillyCom, Inc. ensures network installation is performed properly before complicating the picture with higher level components. Thus helping you avoid wasted time and troubleshooting problems. Physical infrastructure management software can offer this information by providing immediate feedback on the status of the physical and upper layers of the network.

IT infrastructure maintenance is essential for every business, but each business has different network upgrade and network migration requirements.

Sometimes, it is more efficient to apply changes to an existing environment to meet increased capacity or new design objectives. PhillyCom, Inc.’s network upgrade services can help your business design, implement and test an extended infrastructure so that, within a short time, you will get the most out of your IT with minimal risk and resources.

For medium and larger infrastructures, it is often more convenient for managers to outsource 24-hour IT monitoring and support.

For smaller infrastructures (less than 30 servers), the most efficient and cost-effective network solution is to use third-party engineers to handle system administration and networking.

Managed Services

We all understand the importance of technology within a business and the expectations that it works 24x7x365 and we know that this does not happen magically. It takes significant resources and staff to keep everything humming along and not all businesses can provide such support. This is when PhillyCom can help.

We offer a reliable monitoring solution that will give you the most appropriate measurements and alerts that including anomaly detection, reaction and escalation services and 24/7 response. With the right monitoring managed service for your business, you can quickly detect security breaches and avoid downtime, and you can even be assisted in planning and budgeting for IT upgrades.