Managed Warranty Service

PhillyCom, Inc. will manage every maintenance line item on new or renewal estimates with 8 x 5 x Next Business Day Support

Tasks Covered 

  • Tier 1 technical support 
  • Responsible for opening all trouble tickets with designated vendor 
  • Working through to successful resolution of all trouble tickets with vendor
    • tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 supports 
  • Closing out any open trouble tickets with vendor and customer 
  • Day after check in with customer after closing trouble ticket
  • Management of all RMA service tickets 
  • Potential coordination with local vendor account team 
  • Documentation of every ticket transaction 

Email us at or call (267) 297-0618

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To learn more about PhillyCom, Inc.'s Managed Warranty Service email us at or call (267) 297-0618 


We all understand the importance of technology within a business and the expectations that it works 24x7x365 and we know that this does not happen magically. It takes significant resources and staff to keep everything humming along and not all businesses can provide such support. This is when PhillyCom, Inc. can help.  

We offer a reliable monitoring solution that will give you the most appropriate measurements and alerts that including anomaly detection, reaction and escalation services and 24/7 response. With the right monitoring managed service for your business, you can quickly detect security breaches and avoid downtime, and you can even be assisted in planning and budgeting for IT upgrades.